The Lady Behind the Lens

I guess I should begin by saying that this particular blog post has been taken over by the “The Lady Behind the Lens” A.K.A Heidi.  For those of you that don’t know me, I am Heidi Stadlinger Photography, the one behind’s photographs.  Michelle and I thought it would be nice if I took a moment to reach out and introduce myself.  So here goes…

Not many know this but photography is not my livelihood but rather it began a bit by accident.  I am actually a full-time RN who is working towards her Masters in Nursing.  Needless to say, with all the stress that work and school brings, I needed something that would allow me to be imaginative and creative. Since the beginning of time I have always had interest in artistic avenues and toyed with different things throughout the years. However, nothing has touched me the way photography has…

Some of my clients have been witness to what photography does to me physically.  More often than not you’ll find me short of breath during a shoot and not because of lack of oxygen but because I am just so darn excited about what I see through that lens that I can barely contain myself.  You’ll also hear me say things like “nailed it”, “bring the butter” and “gimmie a 12”, also all beyond my control but guaranteed to make you chuckle. There is also an emotional component that many don’t see as well… First, because I am German and a bit cold and second, it happens when I am at home editing.  When I pull up pictures I have taken and see what I have captured it is genuinely touching.  No matter what kind of shoot it is, I am guaranteed one photo that tears at the heartstrings and makes me a little emotional.

I started taking pictures just over 3 years ago with my IPhone and then decided it was time to upgrade and get a big girl camera (Kijiji special Nikon D90).  Although I have upgraded since then to a full frame, I still once in a while pull that little guy out and take a trip down memory lane.  While I have received some education from other photographers, I am mostly self-taught and to this day I am continuously learning.  The best thing that someone ever said to me was that there are basic rules to getting the perfect shot but photography is whatever the creative eye allows.  I always return to this little tidbit of information when I am feeling out of my comfort zone or a little intimated and it honestly brings me right back to where I need to be.

As for Michelle and I, we kind of of stumbled on this endeavor without being fully conscious of it.  It’s quite obvious that she is a great subject to photograph; naturally she “brings the butter” and “nails it” every time.  I can’t really put into words how this has influenced our relationship as best friends (friends for 20 years I should add), we have worked so well together as a team and it has truly fortified our friendship. We have worked hard at it, getting out one day a week to photograph the latest trends. In all honesty, we find so much pleasure in doing it! I like to think we have found our niche and we are so thrilled with the experiences we have had thus far and eager to keep sharing our days out shooting.

With that being said, stay tuned, there’s more to come from this duo…

Heidi Stadlinger

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