The day I reached 10k!!

Photos by Heidi Stadlinger Photography

Last week, I was sitting on the couch watching T.V. with the hubby. I noticed a few notifications on Instagram, so I popped it open… and there it was, 10K followers. WOW! Immediately I was overwhelmed and felt instant love pouring through my heart.  It wasn’t the fact that, “OMG I have this many followers,” It was more like, “Wow, I’ve reached that many people with my posts, and I’m so thankful for all support I have received.” 10k is just a number but it makes me so pleased and proud of the community we’ve created together. Yes, I said together!

I’m particularly grateful for Instagram since I have been able to connect with people from all over the world.  I’ve had some great convo’s with various fashionistas, mamas, local artists that have inspired me and I look forward to meeting them in the near future.  I love the fact we can support each other, and share tips + advice.

Photos by Heidi Stadlinger Photography

Instagram is a creative outlet, a way to post little snippets of your life and share your interests.  When I first began this journey I worried that it would impede my life in some way.  However, it hasn’t taken over my life but has allowed me to have something of my own.  In fact, it grants others to take a peek into my life from my posts and for me to embrace yours.  My main objective in all of this is to reach people in a way that genuinely inspires others in relation to fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Photos by Heidi Stadlinger Photography

A little about my home life…I am blessed with a very supportive husband, he is truly wonderful. When I told him I wanted to start a blog, he was slightly confused. He didn’t understand what it was trying to do and what it meant for our family. Once I started and received inspirational messages, he knew this was my “thing.” He knew in my heart, this is what I passionate about just like my career – my cakes. The night I hit 10k, I could see how happy he was for me. Thank you babe, for all you do for me.

I want to take the time thank my photographer, a.k.a best friend, Heidi from Heidi Stadlinger Photography. This is the key component to making my blog successful, like the peanut butter to my jelly, the salt to my pepper, the yolk to my egg….catch my drift. She has been nothing but 100% supportive of my decision to take this on and she motivates me like no other. Thank you for always taking the most breath taking photos, for helping me with my blog and for always answering my texts at whatever time of the day. You are what best friends are for. Thank you for your passion, it truly shows in your work. #blessed

So I want to dedicate this post to each of you. Thanks for your support and for the love that you show. I am grateful for each of you. Bring on 2018!

Photos by Heidi Stadlinger Photography

FYI – the struggle was real trying to take a photo with those balloons. OMG, nightmare – lol! I was very excited to pop them right after, needless to say. 😉


Miche Bella xo

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