To be trendy or not to be trendy, that is the question…

Photos by Heidi Stadlinger Photography

The must have rage,” is what sparks Trend vs. Style theories.

These types of theories are what I will be chatting about in this blog post. Truth be told, there is a significant difference between these two// Trend vs. Style. So, let’s learn about my thoughts on this subject. Keep reading.

The nature of trends means they’re only around for a season or if lucky, two. The influence of social media on fashion, means that trends come and go so quickly. You can see the fashion bloggers, influencers, etc., rock these outfits one day and then get rid of them the next. It quickly becomes a fashion statement but just as fast as that trend is in, it’s gonzo’s. With everyone striving for the exact same looks, trendy clothes are just part of the mainstream fashion industry.

Photos by Heidi Stadlinger Photography

Style is NOT influenced by trends, rather by you. Be yourself. If you wish to be trendy, then you need to change your wardrobe every season according to the wavering trends. Now, I’ll leave that for you to decide. What seems more convenient and practical for your taste and budget?

While stylish people do pay close attention to trends, they don’t exactly copy what they see in social media. In my opinion, stylish people are not afraid to mix designer labels with discount/sale clothing.

Fashion is a lot like art, it gives people the ability to be creative in how they present themselves to the world.

My fashion sense is my own twist on my everyday style. I like to be different, let my own personality shine through, show the world who I really am. LOOK OUT WORLD, here I come! I take great pleasure in showing others what I can come up and how I did it. It takes some thought + effort to pick out my everyday outfit, and that right there, get’s me excited. GEEK? Maybe but I’ve always loved Fashion + Beauty since I can remember. I used to design my own outfits, and get my mom to sew them for me. Thanks Mama Phyllis.

Putting your own personal stamp on fashion takes self-confidence. Stylish people have a good sense of themselves, they know what’s right and wrong for them. They also choose to dress in what they feel good in and what they love. A trendy person just simply follows the crowd. I have always thought of fashion in an individual way, it shows individual style + personality.

Photos by Heidi Stadlinger Photography

These days you can express your style in different ways according to your mood. Seeking out designer clothes + combing the discount shops may take some time but it’s a great way to create a personal look that you will absolutely adore.

With all the options available, be brave with fashion. Everything looks good on those who believe in their style and uniqueness. Therefore, be stylish + don’t continually alter yourself with trends that keep changing every season.

Photos by Heidi Stadlinger Photography

Do yo thang chicken wing. DO YOU!

Cheers my friends,

Miche Bella xo

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