Picking out our baby girls name

Picking a name for our little bundle of joy has been fun but complicated at the same time. We contemplated about so many different ones but settle on one that we truly love. This is the name your child will hold forever, so, it better be a good one!

Photo by Heidi Stadlinger Photography

It had been a little challenging for my hubby and I to completely agree on a name. We haven’t had to think about this sort of thing for 9 years. And now we did it all over again. Before finding out the sex of the baby, we had a boys babe picked out. But as for a girls babe, omgosh we couldn’t decide. We found it harder to pick out a girls name. We even thought back to some of the names we picked out for our first girl.

When I was 28 weeks we finally picked a name for our baby girl. However, three weeks ago my husband decided he wanted to reevaluate our baby’s name. I think he was having a bit of stage fright. Lol

Little does he know, at the end of the day, it’s my pick. Sorry babe… Love ya!

Photo by Heidi Stadlinger Photography

The name we chose is unique but fits well with our other children’s names and sounds good with our last name. We also have a cute nickname for her in hopes that it will sound good when her soccer coach calls her on the field!! Yup, crazy soccer parents!

Photo by Heidi Stadlinger Photography

So by now maybe you’re wondering what I am going to name this little miracle but nope! We will just have to wait till the day I deliver our beautiful baby girl. My reasoning for this is that I want this to be completely our choice and not have the reactions of others. We love her name and that’s what matters.

How did you go about picking your child’s name? Do you have names that you already love?


Michebella xo

What’s in my hospital bag

I packed my hospital bag and diaper bag at 35 weeks. My last two pregnancies, I delivered around the 40 week mark, so I decided not to pack too much earlier than that.

Photo courtesy of Luxury Labour Bags

One of the best gifts that helped me pack the essentials and kick start this duty was the luxury labour bag. It is truly amazing and has different bag options to chose from. I received the Classic Mama bag which included the following;

Herschel Novel duffle bag in your choice of either Light Grey or Black.


Premium flip-flops

Toiletries bag including:



Shower gel

Bamboo toothbrush

Natural salt toothpaste

Natural deodorant

Ponytailmail hair ties


Disposable maternity underwear (great for both natural and C-section deliveries)

Natracare maternity pads

Pacifica-purify coconut water make-up wipes

Natracare nursing pads

Earth Mama Angel Baby Milkmaid Tea

Earth Mama Angel Baby nipple butter

Burt’s Bees lip balm

Acure Argan oil

EO Coconut Lemon hand sanitizer

Pen and notepad

Water cup with straw

Folder for your important documents

Natural vegan fruit jellies

Earth Mama Angel Baby bum spray

Laundry Bag

Amazing right! They took all the hard work off my shoulders. They also gave me a checklist of the rest of items that I would need to pack.

These are the items I added to my hospital bag;

Photo courtesy of Heidi Stadlinger Photography

My beautiful Robe with matching swaddle set by Milkmaid Goods in the Blush Butterfly design. www.milkmaidgoods.com

My cozy personalized hospital gown by GiftGown. www.giftgowns.com

Things to help you relax or pass the time, such as books and magazines

Pillow. I need my pillow!

A going-home outfit, definitely my lulu’s!

Nursing bras

Phone ChargerSome light makeup (concealer, powder & some blush to freshen up those cheeks)

Nightshirt wrap or t-shirt. Front-opening shirts are useful in the early days of breastfeeding

An infant car seat

Photo courtesy of Heidi Stadlinger Photography

I packed a separate bag for the baby. The things I packed in my wicked Fawn Design diaper bag are; www.fawndesign.com

Two or three sleepers for baby to wear while you are in hospital from newborn to 1 month old. I also packed her beautiful Milk Snob gown and hat. www.milksnob.com

Personalized Baby blanket by Thimble Theory which is absolutely amazing and so soft! www.thimbletheory.com

A couple of outfits for coming home (will decide at the hospital)

Diapers (I prefer pampers)


One pair of socks

A couple of hats/turban’s


Swaddle blankets

Personalized plaques made by Happily with Love www.happilywithlove.com

Photo courtesy of Heidi Stadlinger Photography
Photo courtesy of Heidi Stadlinger Photography

And voila, all ready to go. I set them by the front door so it’s easier to grab and go when the time arrives. Lol Hopefully sooner than later.


Michebella xo

The pregnant traveller…

I’ve always been an avid traveller and pregnancy never stopped this momma. Mind you, I’m not high risk and luckily have not had any major complications. However, before I jet set I always give my doc the heads up!

I didn’t travel during my first trimester, as I was extremely sick and all I could focus on was my bed. I did however travel during my second and now at the beginning of my third, I just returned from sunny Florida. Now that being said, I’m pretty much done with travel for now since I’m just over 30 weeks and some airlines won’t accept pregnant woman after 30 weeks, however, different airlines have different rules.

Below you’ll find some general tips for travelling while pregnant at all stages from first to third trimester. I’ve added some tips below for the pregnant traveller based on my own experiences.

My number one tip for any trip is to make that trip as easy as possible. I found that I was tired so I aimed to have a relaxing trip with minimal hustle and bustle. Women often think it’s their responsibility to take it all on, but delegate… After all, you’re growing a human and that’s tiring. Put your feet up, take a nap, you’re on vacation!

Always discuss travel destinations with your doc. The Zika virus can be common in some southern destinations. When I was 17 weeks, I travelled to Mexico and I was aware of the risk of Zika. I smothered myself in deet-free bug repellent day and night while I was there.

Don’t be afraid to tell the flight attendants you are pregnant even if it’s obvious. When it was time to board, I went on the first call and let them know I needed to sit first as the lines get very crowded and people do get really pushy. Your best bet is to go in and relax before everyone else boards.  On planes and trains, always try for an aisle seat because nobody goes to the bathroom more than a pregnant woman!  Also, don’t forget to do a couple laps, get your blood circulating!

During travel and once you reach your destination make sure to stay hydrated and eat up! Naturally our bodies need to stay hydrated to perform so heck, treat yourself to a couple mocktails, you deserve it!!

Lastly, and most importantly, enjoy this time with your family. I really treasure the memories we create before baby arrives because we all know how hectic life gets with a newborn!


Michebella xo

Shopping for Two 🤰

Pregnancy is such an amazing event in a woman’s life, so why not show off that growing baby bump. Your style doesn’t have to go down the drain while you’re pregnant—in fact, you can get a bit wild in your wardrobe since your dressing for two!

This is perfect time to play around with outfits and step it up a couple of notches. These few wardrobe hacks will get you get started as they’ve helped me throughout the first two trimesters so far.

Photo by Heidi Stadlinger Photography

Ok….but first, let’s be real for a sec, those maternity stores can be crazy expensive! And to think, your won’t be pregnant forever. What I do recommend tho, is to buy actual maternity pants from the better stores like Thyme Maternity. I bought some pants from Motherhood Maternity but found that they never fit properly. They were either super tight around my ankles and gave me the sweats just trying to take them off each time, or they would always pull down, so it literally looked like MC hammer pants. Lol.

Do yourself a favour and purchase some good quality maternity pants that cover your tummy, that aren’t super restricted around your ankles and don’t pull down. You won’t be disappointed.

Another purchase at Thyme that was crucial was bras. Good quality bras that keep up to the growing bust but also acts as nursing bra after the baby is born. Surprisingly, they are stylish and really really comfortable…omg….where have you been all my life. The ladies at Thyme store in Limeridge Mall were so accommodating and helpful with my purchases. Great customer service, I highly recommend it there.

All my other pieces were purchased at a few of my fav stores, I just went up a size.

I love like H&M, Forever 21, Urban Planet etc. These stores have a great selection and are inexpensive, especially when buying for a few short months. I make sure that the material has some stretch and the length is suitable for my growing belly. I picked out some cute tanks for $5 from H&M, some summer dresses from Urban and some empire style shirts and skirts from Forever 21.

I also purchased some items from Amazon as well, a three pack of long sleeve shirts that I can use as nursing shirts afterwards. Some floral and lace dresses for my photoshoots that were inexpensive but looked expensive. Amazon has a great variety with great prices. I even started shopping for baby products. The best part is not leaving the comfort of your own home………..I say that’s perfect shopping.

Photo by Heidi Stadlinger Photography

Lastly, I’ve connected with a couple of mom groups on Facebook who are also expecting at the same time. This way, we can post our bellies pics, talk about fashion and baby products, its great. If you are interested, shoot me a DM and I’ll send those links your way.

Happy Shopping Mama’s

Michebella xo

My sweet sweet cravings

Photography by Heidi Stadlinger

Today ON THE BLOG,  I just wanted to take the time to share with you all my pregnancy cravings and the timing of it all.  I haven’t been craving a whole lot but the things I did I will reveal with you.

You never know how being pregnant will affect you and your taste buds, each pregnancy is always different. This is my third and it’s changed over the years since my last pregnancy nine years ago, (insert crazy face). Lol.

Before I even was pregnant, I watched what I ate and had a consistant eating habit regime. So, about 8 weeks into the pregnancy (before we announced I was pregnant), my body went into morning sickness mode. I was feeling so nauseous but sooo hungry at the same time. It was so frustrating and annoying to say the least. Seriously make up your mind damn it, lol.

The normal salads, gluten free oatmeal, lactose free dairy & all healthy meals were literally grossing me out. Instead my body was craving CARBS, SUGAR & MILK. The things I stayed away from, is what my body needed. That’s basically what I ate for the first trimester, until I started to feel better going into week 15.

After this week, I started back on track with my eating habits. I would love to honestly tell you that I had some crazy cravings like pickles and ice cream, chips on a pizza or a hamburger frizzed in chocolate, but nah……nothing crazy about the next three things I craved most.

First snack I craved was Nutella with ONLY fresh pita bread. I have this maybe two or three times a week just to satisfy my sweet tooth, ok you got me, four or five times a week. Nutella is a staple in my household and the kids are obsessed with it as I think most kids are. But, just the freshness of the pita and Nutella is just a lethal combo. Try it! You will absolutely love it.

Second craving is eggs with cheese. I’m kinda obsessed with scrambled eggs and melted cheese. Literally it’s the best thing since sliced bread right now. Just eating the soft melted cheese over the eggs is heaven in every bite. It’s the simplest and easiest snack but it sure does hit the spot.

Third craving is a slice of Rye bread with a layer of peanut butter, fresh sliced strawberries or raspberries, a pinch of chia seeds and a drizzle of honey. OMG, this isssss so amazing that you don’t want it to end. The combo of the peanut butter and fresh fruit satisfys my taste buds first thing in the morning.

I would love to hear all about your experiences as well,  post it on my IG cravings post. Let’s share the normal to craziest cravings and have a good laugh.

Photography by Heidi Stadlinger

Thanks to all of you who are following along my pregnancy journey with me, and for taking the time to read all my fun filled craziness. Until Next Time.

Michebella xo

I’m feeling like myself again.

Yayaya I’m feeling so much better!!! Currently sitting at 18 weeks and 3 days in.

Just like that the morning sickness disappeared!! It only took 15 weeks. Like I said in my previous blog, I’ve never experienced morning sickness with my first two pregnancies, so this was all new to me.

I have to admit weeks 6-15 were a disaster. I think I’ve read every blog, vlog, post and even joined groups on facebook to find a solution to feel better.

The morning sickness legit took a toll on my entire body? Even looking at my phone made my stomach turn. Weird…right! I hated to disappoint my clients but I didn’t even have it in me to lift the phone to my face.

Some of the blogs I read said that this morning sickness could last up to 6 months and even the whole pregnancy. I had faith that it would pass once my hormones levelled and I hit that second trimester.  And just like that, 9 weeks passed and I felt like myself again!

FINALLY…..I can wake up and know I will feel normal (besides the belly 😉). I was able to get back to the gym, go out with friends, bake and make cakes and desserts again for my business and now I’m throughly enjoy being pregnant and all the excitement that surrounds me at this time.

So for anyone who’s pregnant or wanting to, I won’t lie, morning sickness is awful but I am beyond blessed to be in this position.

Tuesday we will have our gender ultrasound to find out the gender. Joe and I won’t know but my best friend Heidi will! However, In three short weeks, we will soon find out at our gender reveal party, so stayed tuned my friends.


Michebella xo

Oops we did it again….

Photography by Heidi Stadlinger Photography

Oops we did it again……baby number #3 is on it’s way. We are over the moon for this new addition to come into our lives, especially the kids.

Joe & I were thinking of having a third child. Let’s be clear, more me than him. We both come from large families. I come from a family of 5 and my husband comes from 4. Since we had our kids back to back…12 months & 2 weeks apart, we were so overwhelmed the past few years that we haven’t even had the time to think about the possibility of another child. Years went by and we were so consumed with Allysia & Jaxson that having a third would put us out as we had them so close together. Finally, over the last couple of years I had toyed with the idea and ran it by my husband. He was like, ummmm noooo! Although we were both happy and content with our two little rascals and our life, we also didn’t want to hit 40 and regret not having “one more”. 

Joe, Heidi & I went out last November for our anniversary dinner at Cima, while we waited for our table, we had a deep conversation about the thought of adding to our family. I was pro and Joe was con, luckily we had Heidi there to balance us out. She counted all the pros and cons for us, and gave us a reality check on what we will be getting into. We decided we will try for a couple of months, and if it doesn’t happen, then its not meant to be. We waited and waited until the next month to check, and nothing. We booked a trip in April and decided we will just wait.

We went out for dinner with some friends and family on January 20th, I had the usual glass of red wine with my meal. I wasn’t feeling too good as I knew my monthly lady thingy was well on its way. We finished dinner and headed home. One quick stop at the drug store to pick up a few things including a pregnancy test “just for fun”…as I haven’t been feeling too well and it just crossed my mind that I could be at that point. When we got home I bee lined to the bathroom and Bam….it was positive. Tears started to flow, unsure whether to be happy or sad or scared. LOL! The first person I called, was Heidi. At that point I was in need of some major moral support and to hear that everything will be alright.  Foolishly, I gave all my baby stuff and clothes away three years ago thinking that’s the end of that.

Photography by Heidi Stadlinger Photography

Well…..here we go again.

I’m sitting at 14 weeks preggers, and what a road its been. It’s been 9 years since my last pregnancy and I loved being pregnant. This time was different, its been such a rough road for me and still is. I’ve dealt with morning sickness from around 1 p.m. until I go to bed at night, super duper lethargic (still), headaches, acid reflux, heartburn and most days I’ve had no energy to even get up from the couch. I could lie there for hours and hours, sleeping in and out until it was bedtime. Even looking at phone, texting, emailing, made me sick. It was the weirdest thing, I know! So, sorry to everyone I haven’t responded to in the past couple of months, its not ME, it’s the baby! I’m hoping that this morning sickness will disappear soon as I think I read every Vlog on how to cure it. It seemed like nothing would work… until my doctor prescribed me these little magic pills! Phew!

Photography by Heidi Stadlinger Photography

Ok, well now what??? I’m looking forward to sharing this special time with everyone and having you join me on this journey, my third and final (lol)  pregnancy. Let’s the fun begin…..right??? Right??

Photography by Heidi Stadlinger Photography


Michebella xo

The Lady Behind the Lens

I guess I should begin by saying that this particular blog post has been taken over by the “The Lady Behind the Lens” A.K.A Heidi.  For those of you that don’t know me, I am Heidi Stadlinger Photography, the one behind @michebella.blog’s photographs.  Michelle and I thought it would be nice if I took a moment to reach out and introduce myself.  So here goes…

Not many know this but photography is not my livelihood but rather it began a bit by accident.  I am actually a full-time RN who is working towards her Masters in Nursing.  Needless to say, with all the stress that work and school brings, I needed something that would allow me to be imaginative and creative. Since the beginning of time I have always had interest in artistic avenues and toyed with different things throughout the years. However, nothing has touched me the way photography has…

Some of my clients have been witness to what photography does to me physically.  More often than not you’ll find me short of breath during a shoot and not because of lack of oxygen but because I am just so darn excited about what I see through that lens that I can barely contain myself.  You’ll also hear me say things like “nailed it”, “bring the butter” and “gimmie a 12”, also all beyond my control but guaranteed to make you chuckle. There is also an emotional component that many don’t see as well… First, because I am German and a bit cold and second, it happens when I am at home editing.  When I pull up pictures I have taken and see what I have captured it is genuinely touching.  No matter what kind of shoot it is, I am guaranteed one photo that tears at the heartstrings and makes me a little emotional.

I started taking pictures just over 3 years ago with my IPhone and then decided it was time to upgrade and get a big girl camera (Kijiji special Nikon D90).  Although I have upgraded since then to a full frame, I still once in a while pull that little guy out and take a trip down memory lane.  While I have received some education from other photographers, I am mostly self-taught and to this day I am continuously learning.  The best thing that someone ever said to me was that there are basic rules to getting the perfect shot but photography is whatever the creative eye allows.  I always return to this little tidbit of information when I am feeling out of my comfort zone or a little intimated and it honestly brings me right back to where I need to be.

As for Michelle and I, we kind of of stumbled on this endeavor without being fully conscious of it.  It’s quite obvious that she is a great subject to photograph; naturally she “brings the butter” and “nails it” every time.  I can’t really put into words how this has influenced our relationship as best friends (friends for 20 years I should add), we have worked so well together as a team and it has truly fortified our friendship. We have worked hard at it, getting out one day a week to photograph the latest trends. In all honesty, we find so much pleasure in doing it! I like to think we have found our niche and we are so thrilled with the experiences we have had thus far and eager to keep sharing our days out shooting.

With that being said, stay tuned, there’s more to come from this duo…

Heidi Stadlinger


The day I reached 10k!!

Photos by Heidi Stadlinger Photography

Last week, I was sitting on the couch watching T.V. with the hubby. I noticed a few notifications on Instagram, so I popped it open… and there it was, 10K followers. WOW! Immediately I was overwhelmed and felt instant love pouring through my heart.  It wasn’t the fact that, “OMG I have this many followers,” It was more like, “Wow, I’ve reached that many people with my posts, and I’m so thankful for all support I have received.” 10k is just a number but it makes me so pleased and proud of the community we’ve created together. Yes, I said together!

I’m particularly grateful for Instagram since I have been able to connect with people from all over the world.  I’ve had some great convo’s with various fashionistas, mamas, local artists that have inspired me and I look forward to meeting them in the near future.  I love the fact we can support each other, and share tips + advice.

Photos by Heidi Stadlinger Photography

Instagram is a creative outlet, a way to post little snippets of your life and share your interests.  When I first began this journey I worried that it would impede my life in some way.  However, it hasn’t taken over my life but has allowed me to have something of my own.  In fact, it grants others to take a peek into my life from my posts and for me to embrace yours.  My main objective in all of this is to reach people in a way that genuinely inspires others in relation to fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Photos by Heidi Stadlinger Photography

A little about my home life…I am blessed with a very supportive husband, he is truly wonderful. When I told him I wanted to start a blog, he was slightly confused. He didn’t understand what it was trying to do and what it meant for our family. Once I started and received inspirational messages, he knew this was my “thing.” He knew in my heart, this is what I passionate about just like my career – my cakes. The night I hit 10k, I could see how happy he was for me. Thank you babe, for all you do for me.

I want to take the time thank my photographer, a.k.a best friend, Heidi from Heidi Stadlinger Photography. This is the key component to making my blog successful, like the peanut butter to my jelly, the salt to my pepper, the yolk to my egg….catch my drift. She has been nothing but 100% supportive of my decision to take this on and she motivates me like no other. Thank you for always taking the most breath taking photos, for helping me with my blog and for always answering my texts at whatever time of the day. You are what best friends are for. Thank you for your passion, it truly shows in your work. #blessed

So I want to dedicate this post to each of you. Thanks for your support and for the love that you show. I am grateful for each of you. Bring on 2018!

Photos by Heidi Stadlinger Photography

FYI – the struggle was real trying to take a photo with those balloons. OMG, nightmare – lol! I was very excited to pop them right after, needless to say. 😉


Miche Bella xo

To be trendy or not to be trendy, that is the question…

Photos by Heidi Stadlinger Photography

The must have rage,” is what sparks Trend vs. Style theories.

These types of theories are what I will be chatting about in this blog post. Truth be told, there is a significant difference between these two// Trend vs. Style. So, let’s learn about my thoughts on this subject. Keep reading.

The nature of trends means they’re only around for a season or if lucky, two. The influence of social media on fashion, means that trends come and go so quickly. You can see the fashion bloggers, influencers, etc., rock these outfits one day and then get rid of them the next. It quickly becomes a fashion statement but just as fast as that trend is in, it’s gonzo’s. With everyone striving for the exact same looks, trendy clothes are just part of the mainstream fashion industry.

Photos by Heidi Stadlinger Photography

Style is NOT influenced by trends, rather by you. Be yourself. If you wish to be trendy, then you need to change your wardrobe every season according to the wavering trends. Now, I’ll leave that for you to decide. What seems more convenient and practical for your taste and budget?

While stylish people do pay close attention to trends, they don’t exactly copy what they see in social media. In my opinion, stylish people are not afraid to mix designer labels with discount/sale clothing.

Fashion is a lot like art, it gives people the ability to be creative in how they present themselves to the world.

My fashion sense is my own twist on my everyday style. I like to be different, let my own personality shine through, show the world who I really am. LOOK OUT WORLD, here I come! I take great pleasure in showing others what I can come up and how I did it. It takes some thought + effort to pick out my everyday outfit, and that right there, get’s me excited. GEEK? Maybe but I’ve always loved Fashion + Beauty since I can remember. I used to design my own outfits, and get my mom to sew them for me. Thanks Mama Phyllis.

Putting your own personal stamp on fashion takes self-confidence. Stylish people have a good sense of themselves, they know what’s right and wrong for them. They also choose to dress in what they feel good in and what they love. A trendy person just simply follows the crowd. I have always thought of fashion in an individual way, it shows individual style + personality.

Photos by Heidi Stadlinger Photography

These days you can express your style in different ways according to your mood. Seeking out designer clothes + combing the discount shops may take some time but it’s a great way to create a personal look that you will absolutely adore.

With all the options available, be brave with fashion. Everything looks good on those who believe in their style and uniqueness. Therefore, be stylish + don’t continually alter yourself with trends that keep changing every season.

Photos by Heidi Stadlinger Photography

Do yo thang chicken wing. DO YOU!

Cheers my friends,

Miche Bella xo